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Bee-Tastic Chicken Treat
susann whitehead
My girls love this

My 6 girls simply love this! This is a treat
That they gobble up

Nesting 5 gallon bucket lids

This are working great! We wanted to add my nesting spaces to our preexisting one and found these. They are working beautifully. Our favorite feature is the little step for them to have easy entry and exit from the bucket.

Pop Bottle Chick Waterer Bases
Theresia Jennie Swazey

Soda bottle waterer

Heat Plate

I wanted a heat plate for a safer means of keeping my chicks warm. It's hard to tell how hot it is, the temperature gauge and controller should be standard and come with it. The chicks seem happy enough sleeping underneath it and I love that it is adjustable as they grow. Thanks Cluck It All 😊

Borotto incubator

Well pleased. Consistent temps & humidity. Had a good hatch.

The best

I was very please to find this incubator. They are every bit as good as a brinsea with the benefit of having universal egg trays. If you don't want a cabinet incubator but need a quality product this is it!

Floral Rooster Adult Unisex T-Shirt
Kylee Hines

Floral Rooster Adult Unisex T-Shirt