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Enter The HEN PICKED Box Monthly Giveaway!


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Best chicken pen!!!

I got my original chicken pen at Cracker Barrel but when it was gone I went to the only place I could find a replacement!! Cluck yeah!!

My chickies were extremely happy and my mind was put to ease regarding them overheating

Products received

Very satisfied with the products I’ve received from the store.. quality is great and the pricing is also great

We are glad to hear you are happy with your products!

Amazing variety!

I received some of all kinds of eggs, and all of them(3 dozen total arrived in great condition!)

Happy hatching!

So happy to have found Cluck It All!

Super professional!! Shipped my Eggs on time and in perfect condition.
Communication is fast and professional!
Thank You Cluck It All!

Thank you! We are glad you were happy with your eggs. :)

Hens Pick Chicks

Received some of all 4 chick breeds and 2 extra. Chicks are doing well and getting feathers. The only thing that kept me from picking 5 stars is that I have no idea which chicks are what breed! It would help if chicks were marked. As landrace don't breed true I won't know by color. I would recommend your farm for healthy chicks.

We are sorry our chicks were not marked. If you send us pics, we can help you to identify.

Flocks of Pens

I had this Lil chicken pen for years that was just getting sad and needed new buddies, well after searching for a long time I finally found some... in all my excitement I juat had to get 6, all of them are exactly what I wanted. The shipping was quick and easy. Now my flock of chicken pens write and sqwack just as they should!

We are glad we could help you add to your screaming chicken pen flock! No screaming chicken pen should be alone and lonely.

Chick Brooder Heat Plate
Richard Burrus

Chick Brooder Heat Plate

Shetland chicks

All arrived safe and are growing very well all are healthy and strong. I would highly recommend purchasing chicks from cluck it all farms.

We are glad your chicks are doing well!

Shetland Hen Chicks
Donald Lee
Shetland chicks

All my chicks arrived safe and are growing fast,all are very healthy and strong. I would highly recommend buying chicks from cluck it all farms.

We are so glad your chicks are doing well!

Happy Shetland Hen daddy

So impressed with the friendly and fast service. I highly recommend dealing with cluck it all Farms.

Thank you for the kind words! We hope you enjoy your chicks!

Shetland Hen Chicken Hatching Eggs

Clucksafe Shipping Protection
Sabrina Nencetti

I had a rubber chicken pen that I got from who knows where and made the mistake of bringing it to work. Everybody loved it so my google search brought be to Cluck It All to buy more. I think this is now my 3rd purchase or rubber chicken pens. I’ve easily spent like $50 boks (get it?) on these pens. I love them. Ya’ll should sponsor me LOL

LOL! We are glad you love the pens!

Quiet crickets make great chicken treats

Freeze dried crickets great for chickens. They are so good, they sell out fast. Fast delivery, easy to order.

We are glad your flock loves them!


My chickens loved it!

Quality product!

Chickens loved it!

Fluffy Layers® Adult Full Body Egg Collecting Apron

Shipped Shetland hens eggs

Hatching eggs received undamaged and well packaged. Very nice instructions on how to properly help eggs with air cells. Very pleasant to work with.

The ladies love them
Sometimes they make a sack of them but it also makes the run smell better

Perfect size

The 16 oz Corid 9.6% solution was the perfect size and solution for my needs. Cluck It All Farms was the only place I found that had a small consumer size of this needed medication. I bundled it with the vitamin water supplement and all is well.

Glad we were able to provide you with what you needed!


Chickens love these crickets so much, they jump up to pull the bag out if my hand. Easy to order with fast shipping.

We are glad your flock loves them! :)

Saturn Yellow Poultry Feeder
Patricia Edwards
Overall .. Decent Feeder

I was so excited to get this feeder for my girls. We have a lot of feeders because I keep hoping the next one will actually keep the food in and not all over the floor. I love that it is adjustable and I do think that helps. However, there is still food all over the floor. I do like it but I wanted to LOVE it.

Chickens *insert face palm* Try raising your feeder so that they can just get into it. That might help.

Looks sturdy

I have not used it yet but when opening everything up it looks good sturdy I believe I will be happy with this item

We are happy that you are happy and sure you will LOVE this incubator. We sure love ours!

Kubic Poultry Feeder
Debbie-Sue Felton
Not what I hoped for

I was hopeful this feeder would be the answer to my messy flock but I am sad to say that there is still a lot of food being wasted. I don’t quite understand how they manage to get that much food on the ground.

Some of the items were not appropriate for the box to be given to a child as a gift.

It did say right in the description that it was meant for those who enjoyed the occasional cock joke.