About Us

Tina grew up on a farm where her dad was like Old McDonald.  He had chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, and pheasants along with the pigs and a short stint with sheep.  

Fast forward many years, a husband, and 2 kids later, chickens came back into her life.  Her son decided that since his sister had a barn full of rabbits, he wanted chickens so a coop with a flock was found.  And so the chicken addiction begins.  The boy grows up so mom takes over the chickens.  After much research on different breeds, she decided to place her focus on Landraces.  Why?  Mostly because there is no standard and there is such a variety in each breed, which makes them fantastic backyard eye candy. They are hardy and the chickens she works with are dual purpose (eggs/meat).  She now offers hatching eggs from the 4 breeds she works with.  

Cue Cluck It All Farms.  Why not add supplies with the chickens?  Only logical right?  She offers good quality items that she uses herself and is constantly looking at new items to add.