Our Story

Tina has lived on a farm her whole life and grew up amoung vast amounts of farm animals. As a child she dreamed of becoming a vet.

Fast forward a very long time, a husband and 2 grown children later, she was finally able to focus on her own interests. Chickens. More specifically, landrace chickens. Her flocks are her joy and she thinks everyone should be able to experience the same joy when tending their birds. That's where Cluck It All Farms came into play. Now she gets to run her business with the help of her daughter.

Our Values

We love chickens. We want to help everyone love their chickens, whether it is providing them with the eggs or chicks to start/grow their flock, or the treats to spoil them. Have a backyard flock of bantams that are your pets? Did you get your chicks from the local feed store so that you can have your own source of meat or eggs? Do you breed standard bred show birds? Is your only chicken a house chicken? Are you still trying to decide what you want to get? Everyone is welcome.

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