From Hatching to Happy, We've Got You Covered!

From Hatching to Happy, We've Got You Covered!

One Dozen HEN PICKED Hatching Eggs

  • Product Overview: Dive into an egg-citing adventure with HEN PICKED Hatching Eggs! Each carton contains a dozen eggs, promising a mix of potential from five distinct and remarkable chicken breeds: the colorful Swedish Flower Hen, the sturdy Shetland Hen, the mysterious Swedish Black Hen, the rugged Icelandic, and the cuddly Hedemora.

  • Detailed Breed Profiles:

    • Swedish Flower Hen: Originating from Sweden, these hens are family-friendly, curious, and sociable, weighing around 5 lbs. They lay 150-200 eggs annually, ranging in color from cream to light brown, and are known for their hardiness in cold climates and moderate heat tolerance.
    • Hedemora: Native to Sweden, Hedemora hens are known for their calm demeanor and adaptability to confinement. They weigh approximately 4 lbs and lay around 150 eggs per year, which are creamy white to beige with potential for dots and small spots. They are particularly noted for their exceptional cold hardiness.
    • Swedish Black Hen (Svart Höna): These hens come from Sweden and are characterized by their intelligent and somewhat aloof nature. They are lighter, weighing about 3 lbs, and produce 100-150 light brown eggs each year. Their small to medium-sized eggs and resilience in colder climates make them a unique addition.
    • Shetland Hen: Hailing from Scotland, these hens are active and friendly, thriving on attention. They weigh between 2 to 3 lbs and are prolific layers, producing 150-200 pale tinted to blue or green eggs annually. Their robust nature makes them adaptable to both cold and moderate heat.
    • Icelandic: Known for their hardy and independent nature, Icelandic hens are ideal for free-range environments. They weigh about 3.5 lbs and lay 150-180 medium-sized white to cream eggs per year. They excel in extremely cold conditions and are moderately heat tolerant.
  • Surprise and Diversity: Each egg in your carton is a potential discovery, bringing unique colors, temperaments, and egg-laying capabilities to your coop, enhancing the diversity and beauty of your flock.

  • Order and Shipping Details: Choose your preferred week for egg delivery; we dispatch orders from Monday to Wednesday to ensure freshness and prevent weekend delays. Include specific delivery preferences in the note section at checkout. Tracking information will be provided to anticipate your order.

  • Packaging and Safety: Each egg is wrapped in layers of tissue, ensuring snugness, placed in an egg carton, and surrounded by biodegradable packing peanuts for optimal cushioning during shipping. Packages are shipped via USPS Priority Insured or Express. You may request to have your eggs held at a local post office for added security.

  • Certifications and Commitment: We are proud to be NPIP certified under participant number 31-1508, ensuring our commitment to the highest standards of poultry health and breeding.

  • Extras and Engagement: While extras are subject to availability, we strive to enhance your hatching experience whenever possible. Although our farm is not open to the public, we offer digital interactions such as photos or video chats to introduce you to our breeds. Local pick-up is available through pre-arranged off-site meetings.

  • Disclaimer: Please be aware that while Cluck It All Farms takes every precaution to ensure the highest quality of our hatching eggs, several factors can impact the hatch rate and development of embryos. These include incubation practices, handling during shipment, and the environment in which eggs are incubated. While our eggs have a 90% hatch rate under controlled farm conditions, variations can occur during transit such as detached air cells, which may affect the hatchability. We are committed to transparency and quality but cannot guarantee specific outcomes once eggs leave our farm. For best results, we recommend following our detailed hatching guide and contacting us for any queries or support needed throughout your hatching journey.

HEN PICKED Hatching Eggs offer a delightful mystery and the joy of hatching, perfect for poultry enthusiasts looking to expand their flock with vibrant, diverse breeds. Get ready for a hatching experience filled with anticipation and wonder!

Customer Reviews

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Jenna Kasperbauer
Amazing variety!

I received some of all kinds of eggs, and all of them(3 dozen total arrived in great condition!)

Happy hatching!