From Hatching to Happy, We've Got You Covered!

From Hatching to Happy, We've Got You Covered!

Hatching Shipped Eggs: Crack The Code To Clucky Joy!

Preparing for Egg-nificent Arrival!

Can you feel the egg-spectation in the air? Your long-awaited eggs are about to arrive, and it's time to get your incubator game on point! Be a temperature wizard by setting your incubator to a cozy 100 degrees Fahrenheit, with around 50% humidity. And guess what? Our fantastic Borrotto Real 49 Plus Incubator and Humidity Pump is here to make your life easier. Just keep that reservoir full, and you're ready to roll!

Egg-citement Unleashed: Box Surprises Galore!

Picture this: You tear open the box, heart racing with anticipation, only to discover some broken eggs and a general mess. Oh, cluck! But fear not, my friends, because the blame lies with the seller... if the box is undamaged. Now, if that box looks like USPS used it for an Olympic hammer throw, you might need to put on your detective hat. File a claim with USPS or reach out to your breeder for assistance. Remember, a good breeder will have your back, but be prepared to present some egg-squisite evidence. Snap photos of the box before opening, the contents undisturbed, and the unfortunate damage. If the breeder marked the eggs, make sure those marks are captured too. Experienced egg sellers know how to keep those fragile wonders safe, but hey, stuff happens!

Handle with Care, Like an Egg-Whispering Pro!

Hold your horses, or rather, hold your eggs with utmost care! Those little wonders have already been shaken and stirred by USPS like a chicken dance marathon. Gently cradle each egg, ensuring the air pocket faces up (that's the large end, my friend). Candle them, checking the air pocket's size and position. To avoid egg-norance, mark them with a pencil like a true egg-enthusiast. Now, tuck each delicate darling into an egg carton, air pocket up. Pro tip: Keep a stack of egg cartons with the lids cut off, ready for this very occasion. Let your eggs take a breather at room temperature for 24 hours. They deserve a cozy timeout!

Incubator Time: Turners, Cartons, and Gentle Nudges!

When the moment arrives to introduce your eggs to their new incubator home, options abound! If you have an automatic turner, pop those eggs right in. Easy peasy, lemon-squeezy! No turner? No worries! Simply place the entire egg-filled carton in the incubator. For the first 7 days, resist the temptation to give them a spin. We want those little miracles to settle. Afterward, it's candlelight time again to ensure development and stable air pockets. If you have a turner, go ahead and flip that switch. If not, give them a gentle rock and roll—just slight movement to the side, twice a day. Avoid laying them completely on their sides just yet, just in case those air pockets need a little extra bonding time.

Chicks Rule, Stink Bombs Drop

Fast forward to day 18, the moment we've all been waiting for—lockdown! Increase your humidity to 60%. Candle your eggs once more to make sure you've got precious chicks and not...well, stink bombs. Eww! Now, you have a choice: keep them snug in the carton for hatching or let them spread their wings on a tray. Personally, I opt for tray freedom to avoid any "eggs-citing" carton escape attempts. But hey, many folks find success with carton hatching too!

At Cluck It All Farms, we're not just about selling eggs; we're about nurturing your egg-venture. When you choose to purchase eggs from us, rest assured that we'll be your trusted sidekick throughout the entire process. From arrival to incubation, we've got your back with friendly guidance and unwavering support. Let's hatch some shell-acious memories together! You can contact us at any time during the incubation process with any questions.  Just click the chat on our site, or send us a message through our Contact Us Page.  

Brinsea has a great PDF on candling eggs.  You can find that here.  

Icelandic Chicks Hatched From Shipped Eggs


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