One Dozen Swedish Flower Hen Chicken Hatching Eggs

  • Origin and Beauty: Hailing from Sweden, these eggs offer you the opportunity to hatch Swedish Flower Hens, known for their vibrant color diversity and dual-purpose capabilities.

  • Breed Characteristics:

    • Weight: Hens approximately 5 lbs, Cocks (roosters) around 6 lbs.
    • Egg Production: Averages 150-200 cream to light brown medium-sized eggs per year.
    • Temperament: Friendly, curious, and sociable—ideal for family settings.
    • Broodiness: Occasionally broody; recognized for being attentive mothers.
    • Climate Adaptability: Hardy in cold weather and tolerant of moderate heat.
  • Genetic Diversity: Each dozen eggs promises a remarkable variety of colors and patterns, enhancing the genetic diversity of your flock.

  • Direct From Our Coop: Eggs are collected from our own breed pen, and the photos reflect the actual flock, offering a preview of the potential kaleidoscope of chick colors.

  • Order and Shipping: Select your preferred delivery week; we ship Mondays to Wednesdays to ensure freshness. Tracking information provided for timely updates. Please specify any specific delivery needs at checkout.

  • Packaging and Delivery: Each egg is wrapped in layers of tissue, ensuring snugness, placed in an egg carton, and surrounded by biodegradable packing peanuts for optimal cushioning during shipping. Packages are shipped via USPS Priority Insured to US addresses only, ensuring both security and freshness.

  • Health and Biosecurity: Our farm is NPIP certified and maintains A/I clean status, reflecting our commitment to high standards in poultry health.

  • Customer Engagement: We encourage customers to engage with us via photos or video chats to experience our flock remotely. Local pick-up is available by arrangement at a designated safe location.

  • Hatching Guidance: While we ensure optimal packing, hatch rates can vary due to shipping conditions. We support newcomers to egg hatching and are available to answer any questions.

  • Disclaimer: Please be aware that while Cluck It All Farms takes every precaution to ensure the highest quality of our hatching eggs, several factors can impact the hatch rate and development of embryos. These include incubation practices, handling during shipment, and the environment in which eggs are incubated. While our eggs have a 90% hatch rate under controlled farm conditions, variations can occur during transit such as detached air cells, which may affect the hatchability. We are committed to transparency and quality but cannot guarantee specific outcomes once eggs leave our farm. For best results, we recommend following our detailed hatching guide and contacting us for any queries or support needed throughout your hatching journey.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Highly recommend!

Ordered a dozen, received a few extras. 18 went into lockdown and 17 chicks hatched!!!! Amazing hatch rate! Excellent variety of colors! I can tell that a couple chicks will be crested(crested are my favorites😁) Highly recommend this farm to anyone who is looking for Swedish Flower hens!

We LOVE Swedish Flower Hens and would love to see them grow out. Enjoy them!


I ordered 2 dozen eggs and they were beautiful. Unfortunately, I lost all of them in Hurricane Ian when we lost power. I got in touch and they were willing to offer a discount for me in spring. Wonderful family running this. Thank you.