Millie's Ultimate Gift Guide for Chicken Lovers!

Hey there, fellow chicken enthusiasts and friends of feathers! It's your cluckin’ companion, Millie, the Swedish Flower Hen and proud mascot of Cluck It All Farms. As the holiday season approaches, I know many of you are scratching the ground for the perfect gifts for your feathered friends and fellow chicken lovers. Worry not! I’ve pecked through our entire collection at Cluck It All Farms to bring you a comprehensive guide that covers everything from cozy brooders for your chicks to stylish accessories for your coop. Whether you’re a seasoned chicken keeper or just starting your backyard flock, this guide is packed with cluckin' amazing finds that will make your and your chickens’ hearts flutter with joy!

1. Hatching Essentials

  • Brooders and Heat Sources: These are not just about providing warmth; they create an essential environment for the healthy development of chicks. By maintaining the right temperature, they replicate the nurturing warmth that would naturally be provided by a mother hen.
  • Incubators: These fascinating devices are perfect for the hands-on chicken lover. They allow you to experience the wonder of life by hatching your own eggs. With features designed to mimic the natural incubation process, they are ideal for those looking to expand their flock or delve into the world of chicken breeding.

2. Treats for the Beak

  • Buggy Bites and Grain-iacs: These treats are a feast for your chickens, offering a delightful mix of flavors and textures. Buggy Bites are packed with protein, essential for feather growth and overall health, while Grain-iacs provide a nutritious blend of grains, supporting digestive health. These treats are not just a tasty snack but also encourage natural pecking and foraging behaviors, which are vital for the mental well-being of chickens.
  • Buggy Blends: Offering a variety of tastes and textures, Buggy Blends are an excellent way to supplement your chickens' diet with essential nutrients. They are formulated to keep your chickens engaged and satisfied, promoting their natural foraging behavior and ensuring they stay active and healthy.

3. Feeding and Watering Solutions

  • Feeders and Waterers: Our range of feeders and waterers is designed to cater to the needs of every flock. From compact designs perfect for smaller coops to larger, more durable options for bigger flocks, we ensure that your chickens have constant access to fresh food and clean water. These products are not only efficient but also easy to clean and maintain, helping prevent the spread of diseases. Proper feeding and hydration are crucial for the health and productivity of your chickens, making these items essential for every chicken keeper.

4. Eggcellent Accessories

  • Egg Collecting Aprons: These unique aprons are a must-have for any chicken keeper. With individual pockets for each egg, they make collecting eggs easy, safe, and hands-free. The aprons not only protect the eggs from cracking but also keep your hands free for tending to your chickens or managing other tasks. They come in various fun designs and are both functional and stylish.
  • Egg Storage Solutions: After gathering your eggs with our convenient aprons, showcase them beautifully in your kitchen with our egg display baskets. These baskets are not just for storage; they are designed to be a charming addition to your kitchen counter, allowing you to proudly display the fruits of your hens' labor. Crafted to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, these baskets provide a perfect way to keep your fresh eggs at room temperature, ensuring they are always ready for your next culinary adventure.

5. Chicken Health and Well-being

  • Hen Aprons, Prevention, and Supplements: Our range of hen aprons not only adds a dash of style to your flock but also protects your chickens from pecking and injuries. Combined with our preventive care products, they ensure your chickens stay healthy and safe. Our nutritional supplements are formulated to boost your chickens' overall health, supporting everything from feather growth to egg production.
  • First Aid and Treatment Supplies: Accidents and illnesses can happen, but with our comprehensive range of first aid and treatment supplies, you'll be prepared. These products are essential for treating minor injuries, managing common health issues, and ensuring the well-being of your flock. Keeping these supplies on hand is key to maintaining a healthy, happy chicken coop.

6. Coop Care

  • A well-maintained coop is crucial for the health and happiness of your chickens, and our Coop Care range is tailored to ensure your coop is the best it can be. We offer a variety of nest boxes that provide a comfortable and secure space for your hens to lay their eggs. These boxes are designed to be easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic environment. Alongside these, our nesting herbs can be added to the nest boxes to promote a calming and aromatic environment, which can help in reducing stress and encouraging laying. Regular maintenance with our coop care products, including these nest boxes and herbs, ensures your chickens have a safe, clean, and inviting space to live and lay.

7. Fun and Games

  • Keeping chickens active and entertained is crucial, and our Chicken Toys & Enrichment products are designed to do just that. Our chicken swings are a big hit, allowing your feathered friends to perch and sway, which is not only fun for them but also adorable to watch. Additionally, we offer harnesses and leashes, perfect for those who want to safely take their chickens on a little outdoor adventure. These items not only provide physical exercise but also mental stimulation, helping to reduce stress and promote natural chicken behaviors. Integrating these playful accessories into your coop will bring joy and health to your flock.


  • The HEN PICKED Box is an exciting mystery box that makes an ideal gift for chicken enthusiasts. Each box is filled with a variety of items ranging from treats and health supplies to fun accessories for your flock. The surprise element of the box adds to the excitement, as you never know what delightful products you will uncover. These boxes are curated with care, ensuring that each item is practical and enjoyable for both the chickens and their owners. It's a wonderful way to discover new products and give your flock something special to cluck about.

9. For the Chicken Fans

  • Our Henhouse Hub is a celebration of all things chicken for enthusiasts and owners alike. From stylish T-shirts with whimsical chicken prints to practical aprons for your everyday coop chores, our clothing items are designed to show off your love for chickens in both fun and functional ways. Additionally, the Cooped Up Kitchenware collection brings a cozy, chicken-themed charm to your kitchen and dining experience. It includes everything from mugs adorned with chicken motifs to kitchen accessories that add a touch of whimsy to your cooking. Lastly, our Chicken-Themed Merch offers an array of items like stationery for the office, and unique baubles to accessorize your home, each reflecting the fun and joy of chicken keeping. And don't forget our Screamin' Chicken Pen!

10. Chicken Themed Toys

Welcome to the playful and amusing world of Fowl Play Toys at Cluck It All Farms, where chicken-inspired fun is the main attraction! This collection is all about spreading joy and laughter, perfect for anyone who loves a good chuckle.

  • Cluck n' Squeeze Stress Ball Keychain: This adorable and quirky keychain is not just a stress reliever but also a fun way to carry a bit of chicken love with you wherever you go​.
  • 4.5" Chicken Slingshot: Ideal for a bit of light-hearted fun, this chicken slingshot is sure to bring laughter and smiles to your day​.
  • 12" Screaming Chicken Toy: Get ready for bursts of laughter with this hilarious screaming chicken toy, a fantastic way to lighten the mood and add some humor to your surroundings​.
  • 2" Popping Eye Chicken Toy: This little toy is a delightful addition, offering a funny and slightly wacky twist on chicken-themed fun​.

Each toy in the Fowl Play collection has been carefully chosen to bring smiles, giggles, and an element of whimsy, making them perfect for gatherings, parties, or simply to brighten up your day. Embrace the silliness and let these chicken-inspired toys add a feathered touch of joy to your world

11. Gift Certificates

  • These certificates are an ideal gift, offering the recipient the freedom to choose from our wide range of chicken care products.
  • They are also a great way to introduce someone to the joys of chicken keeping, with the flexibility to select products that suit their level of expertise.

In conclusion, whether you're a seasoned chicken keeper or just starting your flock, our guide at Cluck It All Farms has something for everyone. From the practicality of our Coop Care products to the whimsy of our Barnyard Bling, we've got your chicken needs covered. Remember, these gifts aren't just for the holiday season; they're perfect year-round for showing some love to your feathered friends and fellow chicken enthusiasts. So, spread some joy and cluckiness with these fantastic finds!

Happy clucking and shopping, and may your coop always be filled with health, happiness, and the delightful sounds of contented chickens!

Feathers up, beaks down, let's make this coop the best in town!

🐔🌼 Millie, the Swedish Flower Hen

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