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Clucking Amazing: Discover the Feathered Fascination of Shetland Hens – The Delightful Landrace Chicken Breed That Lays Blue Green Eggs!

Howdy, fellow chicken enthusiasts! Buckle up and grab your poultry passport, because today we're taking off on a feathery journey to explore one of the most fascinating chicken breeds on the planet - the absolutely fantastic Shetland Hen!

These remarkable birds, our feathered ambassadors from the far-flung Shetland Isles of Scotland, are not just charming, but they also boast a genealogical backstory that would make any bird watcher's heart flutter. Rumor has it that their exotic gene pool traces back to a vibrant, blue egg-laying South American breed. The story goes that a Spanish ship strayed off its course and ran aground on the Shetland Isles, introducing this unique breed to the local chicken population. This unexpected encounter led to the birth of an unusual and delightful bird – our blue/green egg-laying, feather-dressed celebrities, the Shetland Hens!

One standout feature of these feathered beauties, known as 'tappits', are their distinctive feather tufts, crests, and feathered heads. The size and shape of the tappits on these splendid birds vary quite a bit, adding a splash of variety to your coop. Some might sport humongous crests, resembling their Polish chicken cousins, while others show off smaller crests accompanied by charmingly big floppy combs.

In terms of their color palette, these dazzling birds mainly wear shades of black, but their plumage is splashed with stunning hues of white, silver, and gold, creating a unique appearance that is nothing short of a visual feast!

Alas, in spite of their captivating beauty and rich heritage, our Shetland Hens find themselves listed as a critically endangered breed on the Slow Food Ark of Taste. Despite their urgent need for preservation, it seems there isn't much information readily available about them. But fear not, chicken chums! We are dedicated to unearthing more about these fantastic fowls. As our breeding program unfolds, we hope to contribute significantly to the survival and flourishing of these remarkable birds.

In the spirit of sharing and learning, if you have any knowledge or experiences with Shetland Hens, we'd be absolutely delighted to hear from you! Let's team up and make a difference for these wonderful chickens, ensuring their delightful legacy carries on for many generations to come.

And hey, if you're keen on starting your own feathered family of Shetland Hens, we've got just what you need - hatching eggs are up for grabs. Embark on your own feather-filled adventure and join us in nurturing this fabulous landrace chicken breed!Shetland Hens.  

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Marie Bourque-Namer

Marie Bourque-Namer

March 29, 2023

Hi, can you tell me more about your Shetland hen? Where did you obtain your breeding stock? Have roosters been tested for blue egg gene.? are they homozygous?

Thank you

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