From Hatching to Happy, We've Got You Covered!

From Hatching to Happy, We've Got You Covered!

Cluckin' In the Cold: The Resilient & Ravishing Icelandic Chickens

Alrighty, peeps, gather 'round because today we're heading to a place that's got more to offer than just volcanoes and Vikings. Yes, folks, you guessed it! We're going to Iceland, home of the mesmerizing Northern Lights and, more importantly, our feathery superstar for today: the oh-so-fabulous Icelandic chicken! 

Our Icelandic friend, known in its native language as Íslenska hænan, Haughænsni or Landnámshænan, is one prime example of a Landrace breed chicken. These guys aren't just scarce outside their icy homeland; they're an absolute treasure! And guess what? They've been clucking around since they were introduced by the Norse settlers in the 9th century. That's quite a lot of cluckin' history! 

Now, let's take a closer look at our feathery friend's charming features! These cold-climate superstars are born with a sunshine-yellow skin and lay white to pale tan eggs. And just like we humans love to mix up our hairstyles, these chickens like to mix up their comb types - you'll find variations of rose, straight, pea and even combinations. Fashion-forward, right? 

It's not just about looks though. These Icelandic chickens are tough as nails, surviving in different climates, and boy, are they thrifty! They're every farmer's dream and the perfect backyard companions. And the best part? They lay a ton of medium-sized eggs, often even during the frosty winter months. Did we mention that they are excellent mothers too? And, oh, their meat is delectable, especially when cooked slowly in recipes like coq au vin. Who's up for dinner? 

Like true Vikings, they're alert and quick to react to danger, but don't forget to secure their coop at night for them to snooze safely. Good fencing or a livestock guard dog can also help them survive. They love to forage, dig in manure and compost piles, and even show off their flying skills. These guys know how to live life to the fullest! 

Our Icelandic darlings are quite the showstoppers, with a wide range of plumage colors, patterns, and even some with feather crests. They belong to the fabulous league of Landrace breed chickens, evolving to their environment and being incredibly genetically diverse. That's right, these birds are not only gorgeous but also quite unique. They are proof that beauty and brains can indeed go together! 

So there you have it, folks! A trip to Iceland without leaving your screen. If you ever get a chance to welcome these feathery pals into your coop, don't miss it! They’re the perfect combination of beauty, resilience, and productivity. In the world of Landrace breed chickens, the Icelandic chicken surely reigns supreme! Until next time, keep clucking and enjoy your journey with the incredible Icelandic chicken! 🐔🌍🎉

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Charles Hatten

December 29, 2021


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