Galvanized Poultry Feeder

Ready to elevate your poultry feeding game? Feast your eyes on our Galvanized Cone Feeder, a top-notch solution for chickens, ducks, and all your favorite poultry pals!

Crafted with care, this feeder is a robust powerhouse perfect for all of your poultry pens. It's so reliable, we use them in ours! Constructed from sturdy, galvanized metal, this heavy-duty chicken feeder is built to withstand the hustle and bustle of hungry beaks and playful pecks.

Our Cone Feeder isn't just tough, it's smart too! The adjustable cone lets you control the feed flow to the tray. Need more feed for your flock? Just adjust the cone. Want to slow down the snack-time stampede? You're in control.

And that's not all! Our feeder comes with a super handy hanger or handle, giving you the flexibility to hang it up or place it down as per your coop's needs. Say goodbye to spilled feed and hello to a clean and tidy feeding time!

Need different sizes? No problemo! Our Galvanized Cone Feeder comes in three convenient sizes - 11lb, 22lb, and 44lb. Whether you've got a cute clutch of chicks or a full-fledged feathered family, there's a size just right for you.

Get your beaks on our Galvanized Cone Feeder and enjoy a fun, hassle-free feeding experience. It's a must-have addition to any poultry keeper's toolkit. Order yours today!