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One Dozen Shetland Hen Chicken Hatching Eggs

We are sold out for 2024.  Preorders will open again in March 2025. 

  • Unique Breed Origin: Experience the charm of Shetland Hens, originating from the Shetland Isles off the coast of Scotland, known for their stunning blue to green eggs.
  • Breed Characteristics:
      • Country of Origin: Scotland
      • Weight: Hens approximately 2 to 3 lbs, Cocks (roosters) about 3.5 to 4.5 lbs.
      • Egg Production: Produces 180-200 pale tinted to blue or green medium-sized eggs annually.
      • Personality: Active and friendly, these hens thrive on attention, making them great companions.
      • Broodiness: Sometimes broody, providing potential for natural chick rearing.
      • Climate Tolerance: Robust in both cold and moderate climates, ideal for varied environmental conditions.
  • Diverse Hatching Experience: With a carefully selected breed pen and a variety of colors within our flock, each batch of eggs offers a spectrum of potential chick colors and patterns.
  • Direct From Our Coop: Eggs are collected from our own breed pen, and the photos reflect the actual flock, offering a preview of the potential kaleidoscope of chick colors.
  • Ordering and Shipping:

      • Customizable Delivery: Select the delivery week and specify any special instructions at checkout. We ship Monday to Wednesday to ensure freshness.
      • Careful Packaging: Eggs are meticulously packed to minimize risk, using tissue layers and biodegradable packing peanuts for protection, and shipped via USPS Priority Insured or Express.
  • NPIP Certified: We adhere to the highest standards of poultry health as an active participant in the National Poultry Improvement Plan, maintaining an A/I clean status, certified under Tina Hines, participant number 31-1508. 
  • Interactive Customer Support:

      • Virtual Engagement: While our flocks are not accessible to the public for safety reasons, we offer photo sharing and video chats to connect you with our hens.
      • Local Pick-Up Available: For those nearby, we arrange egg pick-up at designated off-site locations.
  • Educational Support: For those new to egg hatching, we provide a comprehensive guide and are ready to answer any questions to ensure a successful hatching experience.

  • Disclaimer: Please be aware that while Cluck It All Farms takes every precaution to ensure the highest quality of our hatching eggs, several factors can impact the hatch rate and development of embryos. These include incubation practices, handling during shipment, and the environment in which eggs are incubated. While our eggs have a 90% hatch rate under controlled farm conditions, variations can occur during transit such as detached air cells, which may affect the hatchability. We are committed to transparency and quality but cannot guarantee specific outcomes once eggs leave our farm. For best results, we recommend following our detailed hatching guide and contacting us for any queries or support needed throughout your hatching journey.

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Shetland hatching eggs

Ordered a dozen of Shetland hatching eggs. All came in a perfect condition. Just hatched 11 chicks. Amazing hatch rate, especially for shipped eggs! Highly recommend Cluck it all farms! Beautiful healthy chicks. Very happy with my purchase!!! Will definitely be a returning customer!

So glad you had such a great hatch rate! Enjoy your chicks! We are looking forward to seeing how they develop. :)

anne sanders
So happy to have found Cluck It All!

Super professional!! Shipped my Eggs on time and in perfect condition.
Communication is fast and professional!
Thank You Cluck It All!

Thank you! We are glad you were happy with your eggs. :)

Happy Shetland Hen daddy

So impressed with the friendly and fast service. I highly recommend dealing with cluck it all Farms.

Thank you for the kind words! We hope you enjoy your chicks!

Richard Burrus

Shetland Hen Chicken Hatching Eggs

Heidi Bailes
Shipped Shetland hens eggs

Hatching eggs received undamaged and well packaged. Very nice instructions on how to properly help eggs with air cells. Very pleasant to work with.