From Hatching to Happy, We've Got You Covered!

From Hatching to Happy, We've Got You Covered!

One Dozen Hedemora Chicken Hatching Eggs

  • Swedish Heritage: Experience the robustness of Hedemora chickens, a winter-hardy landrace breed from Sweden known for their resilience and diverse color patterns.

  • Breed Characteristics:

    • Country of Origin: Sweden
    • Weight: Hens approximately 4 lbs, Cocks about 5 lbs.
    • Egg Production: Lays about 150 creamy white to slightly brownish/beige eggs per year, with potential for unique dots and small spots.
    • Personality: Known for their calm and friendly demeanor; adaptable to confinement.
    • Broodiness: Often broody and recognized as excellent mothers.
    • Climate Adaptation: Exceptionally cold hardy but may struggle in high heat.
  • Direct From Our Coop: Eggs are collected from our own breed pen, and the photos reflect the actual flock, offering a preview of the potential kaleidoscope of chick colors.

  • Ordering and Shipping:

    • Flexible Delivery: Choose your delivery week, with shipping on Mondays to Wednesdays to ensure freshness.
    • Tracking Provided: Receive real-time updates to eagerly anticipate your delivery.
    • Packaging: Each egg is wrapped in layers of tissue, ensuring snugness, placed in an egg carton, and surrounded by biodegradable packing peanuts for optimal cushioning during shipping. Shipped via USPS Priority Insured or Express to US addresses only.
  • Customer Engagement:

    • Extra Eggs: We aim to include extra eggs when available, although availability can vary.
    • Health Certifications: Part of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP), ensuring high health standards with A/I clean status under Tina Hines, participant number 31-1508.
    • Virtual and Physical Engagement: While public access to our flocks is restricted, we offer photo shares and video chats. Local egg pick-up is also available at designated off-site locations.
  • Support for Hatchers: We provide comprehensive guidance for those new to hatching and are ready to answer any questions about the process.

  • Disclaimer: Please be aware that while Cluck It All Farms takes every precaution to ensure the highest quality of our hatching eggs, several factors can impact the hatch rate and development of embryos. These include incubation practices, handling during shipment, and the environment in which eggs are incubated. While our eggs have a 90% hatch rate under controlled farm conditions, variations can occur during transit such as detached air cells, which may affect the hatchability. We are committed to transparency and quality but cannot guarantee specific outcomes once eggs leave our farm. For best results, we recommend following our detailed hatching guide and contacting us for any queries or support needed throughout your hatching journey.


Customer Reviews

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Julie W
Hedemora hatching eggs

All eggs arrived in excellent condition and are currently in my incubator. Due to hatch March 27th.🥰

That's great news! Good luck with your hatch. We would love to hear how your hatch goes!