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Cluckin' Marvelous Hedemora Chickens: The Feathered Superstars from Sweden You Need on Your Farm!

Ladies and gents, gather round for the high-stepping, feather-fluffing, egg-laying divas of Sweden: the extraordinary Hedemora hens, or as they say in their homeland, Hedemorahöna! These hen-sational birds have been charming their way from the calm meadows of Hedemora longer than your great-grandma’s secret cookie recipe.

But hold your horses, these aren't your everyday, clucking-around-the-yard chickens. They're the superstars of the poultry world, their legendary genes preserved in Sweden's gene bank, like Hollywood stars leaving their prints on the Walk of Fame.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, these dazzling hens weigh in at a breezy 3.5 to 4.5 lbs, while the gents strut around at a substantial 4.5 to 5.5 lbs. Their bodies? Think heavyweight champion with a taste for haute couture - wide, muscular, and cloaked in an abundant layer of plush feathers.

And their fashion game? Totally on point. They sport either sleek, smooth legs or trendy feathered ones, and they occasionally flaunt a surprise fifth toe (because who doesn't love a good surprise?). Their beaks and bones also offer a color palette that adds vibrancy to their striking ensemble.

Earlobes mostly tend to go red, but occasionally they like to jazz things up with a bit of white or blue. Combs are fashionably single, serrated, and slightly larger on the roosters. And they're as color-crazy as a box of crayons, showcasing a range from cherry red to mulberry and even black.

Feathers? Oh, the feathers! From chic black to pristine white, from cool, calm blue to warm, inviting wheat. Their dense, downy plumage is perfect for Sweden's cooler climate, but these world-class chickens adapt to just about anywhere.

When it comes to playing momma hen, these feathered Swedes deliver approximately 150 beige, Easter-ready eggs a year, with sizes that vary as much as their toe count. As for their broodiness, it's pretty much standard issue – they love a good cuddle with their chicks!

Fostering diversity in a Hedemora flock is as crucial as sprinkling sugar on a cinnamon bun – it's what brings the real flavor. The hens are social butterflies, always up for a chat. The roosters can be as gentle as a spring morning or as fiery as a Viking raider. To maintain harmony, breeding from more easy-going roosters is the way to go.

We've had our share of rooster-drama in our breeding program. Our initial pick, a charismatic rooster who promised to be a real gent, turned out to be a feisty hot pepper, so we swapped him out for a debonair gentleman of the coop.

So, if you've caught the Hedemora bug and are eager to bring some Swedish flair to your farm, we've got a golden ticket for you - hatching eggs and chicks are available! You can rear your very own Swedish chicken superstars!

To sum it up, Hedemora chickens are fluff-packed, fashion-forward, chatty, and full of character. They've got a wardrobe as diverse as a rainbow and they're part of Sweden's gene bank – these chickens really are the whole package. And remember, a diverse flock is as fun and exciting as a barnyard party!

Hedemora Chicken Cock

Hedemora Chicken Hen

Hedemora Chicken Wooly Hen

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