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  • Varied Selection: Each HEN PICKED Chicks box contains 10 adorably fluffy day-old chicks randomly selected from five distinctive breeds—Swedish Flower Hen, Shetland Hen, Swedish Black Hen, Icelandic, or Hedemora.

  • Breed Highlights:

    • Swedish Flower Hen: Expect cream to light brown eggs from these friendly and sociable birds, perfect for families. Weighing around 5 lbs for hens and 6 lbs for cocks, they produce 150-200 eggs per year and are occasionally broody but make good mothers. Adapts well to cold and moderate heat.
    • Hedemora: Known for their creamy white to beige eggs, sometimes with dots and small spots. These calm and friendly birds weigh about 4 lbs for hens and 5 lbs for cocks, laying around 150 eggs annually. They are often broody, excellent mothers, and exceptionally cold hardy, though they struggle in high heat.
    • Swedish Black Hen: Producing 100-150 light brown eggs annually, these alert and intelligent birds weigh approximately 3 lbs for hens and 4.5 lbs for cocks. They are occasionally broody and have good cold and moderate heat tolerance.
    • Shetland Hen: From Scotland, known for their pale tinted to blue or green eggs and active, friendly nature. Hens weigh 2-3 lbs and cocks 3.5-4.5 lbs, with an egg yield of 150-200 per year. They sometimes exhibit broodiness and are robust in both cold and moderate climates.
    • Icelandic: Hardy and independent, ideal for free-range environments, these birds produce 150-180 white to cream eggs annually. Weighing about 3.5 lbs for hens and 5 lbs for cocks, they are occasionally broody and reliable mothers. Extremely cold hardy and moderately heat tolerant.
  • Unpredictable Joy: Experience the thrill of opening your box to meet these chicks, each with unique colors, patterns, and temperaments, ready to bring life and diversity to your coop.

  • Shipping & Handling: Securely shipped at 1 day old via USPS Priority Express for a flat rate of $60, ensuring timely arrival without weekend delays. We ship on Tuesdays exclusively within the US and do not take responsibility for handling post-shipment.

  • Certification & Health: Proudly NPIP certified under participant number 31-1508 with Tina Hines, reflecting our commitment to the highest standards of poultry health.

  • Extras Availability: While extras are not guaranteed, we endeavor to include additional chicks when available, enriching your flock even further.

  • Engagement & Support: Although our farm is closed to the public, we're delighted to offer virtual visits via video chats and photos. For local pickups, we arrange a convenient off-site location.

  • Customer Care: Always ready to assist with any questions or provide further details about our chicks and services. We're just a message away!

Choose HEN PICKED Chicks for an exciting and heartwarming addition to your backyard, where every chick brings its own charm and character to your growing flock.

Customer Reviews

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Wanda Ducommun
Hens Pick Chicks

Received some of all 4 chick breeds and 2 extra. Chicks are doing well and getting feathers. The only thing that kept me from picking 5 stars is that I have no idea which chicks are what breed! It would help if chicks were marked. As landrace don't breed true I won't know by color. I would recommend your farm for healthy chicks.

We are sorry our chicks were not marked. If you send us pics, we can help you to identify.