Unboxing Joy with The HEN PICKED Box: A Clucking Surprise for You and Your Flock


Oh, what a delightful day in the chicken coop! If you've ever felt the urge to shower your feathery friends with love, affection, and of course, delicious chicken treats, then you're in for a real treat yourself. Introducing The HEN PICKED Box, a magical mystery box packed with goodies and surprises for both you and your flock.

Get ready to ruffle some feathers as we embark on a clucking adventure with The HEN PICKED Box!

The HEN PICKED Box Original: Unraveling the Surprise

A Treasure Trove of Goodies

Welcome to the world of The HEN PICKED Box, where every box is a new adventure waiting to be discovered. What makes this edition truly special? It's filled to the brim with chicken treats, amusing toys, and essential health products or supplements that will make your chickens' hearts sing.

Chicken Treats to Tantalize the Tastebuds

Imagine the excitement in your chicken coop as you reveal the gourmet chicken treats from the box. From crunchy delights to nutritious nibbles, these treats are more than just food; they're an experience! Watch as your flock enjoys every bite, knowing that they're feasting on nothing but the best.

Enrichment Items to Inspire Play

Chickens are curious creatures, and The HEN PICKED Box Original caters to that playful spirit with enrichment items designed to intrigue and entertain. From pecking toys to treat holders, the enrichment items are not just about fun; they also encourage physical activity and mental stimulation.

Health Products to Boost Wellbeing

What's joy without good health? This edition may include essential health products or supplements to ensure your chickens' wellbeing. From vitamins to digestive aids, it's about nurturing them from the inside out.


The HEN PICKED Box Hatching Egg Edition: The Magic of New Life

The Allure of Mystery Eggs

Breeding season is a time of anticipation, and the Hatching Egg Edition turns that anticipation into sheer delight. Nestled within the box are a dozen mysterious hatching eggs, each a promise of something extraordinary. Will it be the rare Swedish Flower Hen or the intriguing Hedemora? Maybe the Shetland Hen or the unique Swedish Back Hen (coming soon)?

The Joy of Discovery

The joy of hatching your own chicks is unmatched. With the HEN PICKED Box Hatching Egg Edition, you become part of the magical process of life, witnessing the tiny pecks as the chicks break free from their shells. It's a journey of discovery that adds excitement to the breeding season.

The HEN PICKED Box Hatching Egg Edition

The HEN PICKED Box Chicks Edition: A Symphony of Chirps

A Flock of Happiness

Why stop at eggs when you can have chicks? The HEN PICKED Box Chicks Edition introduces you to 10 adorable chicks, ready to explore their new home. Watch as these fluffy little wonders waddle their way into your heart and become part of your feathery family.

Growth and Bonding

Raising chicks is a delightful experience that fosters a bond between you and your new feathery friends. With the HEN PICKED Box Chicks Edition, you get to be part of their growth journey, nurturing them into healthy, happy adult chickens.

Hedemora Chicks

The HEN PICKED Box Holiday Edition: A Festive Fiesta

Seasonal Delights for All

The holiday season is all about joy, love, and sharing, and the HEN PICKED Box Holiday Edition embodies this spirit. Filled with festive surprises, this edition is the perfect way to celebrate with your flock. From holiday-themed chicken treats to decorative items, it's a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.

Gifts for You and Your Chickens

What makes this edition truly special is the inclusion of fun items for both you and your chickens. Enjoy adorable chicken-themed ornaments, festive accessories, and flavors that resonate with the holiday spirit. Share the love with your chickens and embrace the warmth of the season.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Feathers and Love

The HEN PICKED Box is more than just a mystery box; it's an embodiment of love, joy, and the delightful bond we share with our chickens. Every edition offers a unique experience that resonates with chicken enthusiasts. Whether it's the excitement of hatching eggs, the adoration for chicks, the delectable chicken treats, or the seasonal celebrations, The HEN PICKED Box caters to every whim and desire.

With options available for every occasion, it's time to embrace the clucking fun that awaits. Join us in this feathery dance of joy and make every day a celebration with The HEN PICKED Box.

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