Summer Days with Millie: Life on the Farm

Hello there, fellow feathered friends and human pals! It’s Millie here, Cluck It All Farms' very own Swedish Flower Hen, and I’m here to take you through a sun-splashed day in my life during the fabulous summer season. Get ready to peck around the latest scoop from my coop!

Morning Activities: Starting the Day Right

Early Bird Breakfast

As the sun peeks over the horizon and bathes our farm in golden light, I’m already up and at ‘em—early bird gets the worm, right? My first stop is always the dewy grass where I catch up with my fellow cluckers. We scratch and peck, finding delicious bugs and seeds. The humans say we’re like little gardeners, turning the soil. I say we’re just having breakfast!

Mid-Morning Snack Time

By mid-morning, it's time for a snack, and oh, do we have treats! Tina, our favorite human, brings out chilled watermelon slices. They’re just the thing to keep us cool. We peck and play a game of “melon soccer” with the smaller pieces. It’s a peck-tacular sight!

Afternoon Adventures: Exploring the Farm

Dust Baths and Pond Visits

In the afternoon, the farm buzzes with activity. It's the perfect time for a little exploration. I lead my flock under the shady trees and we dust bathe in our favorite spots. It’s like a spa day every day! Sometimes, we’ll wander over to the pond. If I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll dip my toes in. But just the toes—us Swedish Flower Hens prefer to keep our feathers fabulous, not wet!

Evening Routine: Winding Down

Story Time with the Flock

As the day cools down, it's story time. We gather around as the little humans read to us. It’s quite calming, and I cluck softly to the rhythm of their voices. There’s nothing quite like a good tale at twilight.

Sunset Perch

As dusk falls, I find the highest perch I can to watch the sunset—it’s the best seat in the house! The sky turns brilliant shades of orange and pink, and I take a moment to reflect on my day. It's been another beautiful day at Cluck It All Farms.

Nighttime Nestling: Dreaming of Tomorrow

As night envelops the farm, it’s time to nestle into the coop. I tuck myself in among my sisters, feeling safe and warm. We whisper goodnight to each other, dreaming of what tomorrow might bring on our little slice of paradise.

Join Our Flock

Well, that's a wrap on my day! I hope you enjoyed following along and maybe even felt a part of our flock for a bit. Remember, every day is a new adventure when you’re living the cluck life. Until next time, keep your beaks up and your feathers fluffed!


P.S. Don’t forget to check back for more tales from the coop. Join our flock for more stories, tips, and farm fun. Together, we’re feathering the nest of our wonderful community!

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