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The HEN PICKED Box Hatching Egg Edition

Our breeding season has ended for 2023.  We will have eggs again in the spring of 2024.

This isn't your ordinary dozen of eggs – oh no! This is a carton of possibilities, an egg-venture waiting to happen. Each egg in the box is a real-life, ready-to-hatch wonder that could be from one of four remarkable breeds: the vibrant Swedish Flower Hen, the robust Shetland Hen, the exotic Icelandic, or the fluffy Hedemora.

Imagine the fun and anticipation of not knowing which breed you'll get! Will it be the Swedish Flower Hen, known for its kaleidoscope of colors and friendly disposition? Or perhaps the ruggedly charming Shetland Hen, a feathery fable of the north? It could be the mysterious Icelandic, a breed that is like a time machine back to the Viking era. Or will you find the fluffy, cold-resistant Hedemora, the cuddly bear of the chicken world, nestled in your carton?

Each egg holds the potential for a fantastic fluffy friend that will bring your coop to life with their unique colors, personalities, and egg-laying capabilities. But it's not just about hatching and raising these fine feathery friends – it's about the joy of discovery, the thrill of surprise, and the love of the journey from egg to chicken.

So, if you're up for the cluck of the draw and you've got the broody enthusiasm to hatch some egg-ceptional chicks, get yourself the HEN PICKED Box Hatching Egg Edition. Bring home the thrill of hatching and discover the magic that each and every egg holds. Ready, set, hatch!

This is a mystery box and we will not be taking requests for egg combinations.  

We ship early in the week to ensure eggs do not sit in a PO over the weekend.  We only ship to US addresses.  Packages will be sent USPS Priority Insured.  Once the box leaves the farm, we are no longer responsible for the handling.  

Extras are sent IF they are available.  (Most times there will be, but there is the potential that there will not be extras available at the time of shipment.)

Cluck It All Farms participates in the NPIP program and is A/I monitored.  NPIP certification is under Tina Hines and participant number is 31-1508.

Please be aware that shipped eggs are a gamble.  While we CAN guarantee that your eggs will be packed to prevent breakage, we cannot guarantee the quality of the embryo once it gets to you.  It isn't uncommon for air cells to become detached, among other issues.   Because of this, we cannot guarantee hatch rate.  If you are new to hatching shipped eggs, you can read more about it here.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.  

While we do not allow the public around our flocks, we are happy to send photos or video chat with you.  If you wish to pick up eggs, we will meet at a designated spot, off site.  Please feel free to contact us anytime.  

Customer Reviews

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Jenna Kasperbauer
Amazing variety!

I received some of all kinds of eggs, and all of them(3 dozen total arrived in great condition!)

Happy hatching!