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The HEN PICKED Box Chicks Edition

Our breeding season has ended for 2023.  We will have chicks again in the spring of 2024.

This isn't your usual chirpy chick package; it's a box brimming with feathered fluff balls that are set to be your new best buddies. Each box comes with 10 heart-meltingly cute chicks that could come from any one of four amazing breeds - Swedish Flower Hen, Shetland Hen, Icelandic, or Hedemora.

Can you just imagine the joy of opening up your box to find a gaggle of fuzzy little Swedish Flower Hen chicks, each one a vibrant masterpiece of colors? Or what about the sturdy Shetland Hen chicks, with their promising robustness, preparing to rule your roost? You might even uncover the rare Icelandic chicks, little Viking treasures ready to bring a hint of the wild north to your backyard. Or perhaps you'll be lucky to cuddle the irresistible fluffiness of the Hedemora chicks, the teddy bears of the chicken world.

The joy of this box is in the sheer unpredictability of it. You never know what little peepers will tumble out of your HEN PICKED Box Chicks Edition, bringing their unique charm, colors, and clucks to your coop.

So if you're ready to open your heart and your coop to a bunch of delightful, peeping surprises, then the HEN PICKED Box Chicks Edition is just for you. Take the leap and get ready to welcome these adorable arrivals into your flock. It's the ultimate box of chirpy joy - chicks galore and so much more!

Chicks are shipped at 1 day old and are unvaccinated. 

There will be a flat rat of $50 for USPS Priority Express Shipping.  Local pick up is welcome but someone will meet you at a designated spot off of our property.  

We ship on Monday or Tuesday to ensure chicks do not sit in a PO over the weekend.  We only ship to US addresses.  Once the box leaves the farm, we are no longer responsible for the handling.  

Extras are sent IF they are available.  (Most times there will be, but there is the potential that there will not be extras available at the time of shipment.)

Cluck It All Farms participates in the NPIP program and is A/I clean.  NPIP certification is under Tina Hines and participant number is 31-1508.

While we do not allow the public around our flocks, we are happy to send photos or video chat with you.  If you wish to pick up eggs, we will meet at a designated spot, off site.  Please feel free to contact us anytime.  

Customer Reviews

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Wanda Ducommun
Hens Pick Chicks

Received some of all 4 chick breeds and 2 extra. Chicks are doing well and getting feathers. The only thing that kept me from picking 5 stars is that I have no idea which chicks are what breed! It would help if chicks were marked. As landrace don't breed true I won't know by color. I would recommend your farm for healthy chicks.

We are sorry our chicks were not marked. If you send us pics, we can help you to identify.