Weekend Hatch

I did a test run of the Borotto® Real 49 Plus Incubator with Humidity Pump with some shipped Icelandic and Swedish Black Hen eggs.  Very happy with the reliability of this unit.  I was disappointed that I had to pitch about half the eggs after the first candling but that had to do with the shipped eggs rather than the incubator.  I found this incubator to be very user friendly.  Easy to set up with good clear instructions.  Automatic turner is quiet and holds a variety of different sized eggs.  At lock down, the turner pulls out easily and the flat tray is placed in the bottom.  

Pros:  Capacity, it holds 49 eggs.  Temp and humidity readings are accurate.  Set and forget type of incubator (that could be a con though too.)  Fits on a table top. Humidity and temp automatically adjust as needed.  Humidity pump pulls water from whatever you use as a reservoir.  (I used a large cup.)

Cons:  My only complaint is the humidity pump is a little noisy.  Until I got used to it, it would wake me up in the middle of the night.  It isn't overbearing at all.  But it isn't silent either.  

Currently, there are 7 chicks hatched out of about 20 eggs.  Follow progress of the hatch on our facebook page at https://facebook.com/cluckitallfarms

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