Hatching Shipped Eggs

If you haven't tried to hatch shipped eggs, here is some good information to keep in mind.  

AT LEAST 24 hours before your eggs are due to arrive, be sure to have your incubator up to temp and humidity level stabilized.  You will want your incubator set to 100 degrees Fahrenheit with around 50% humidity.  The Borrotto Real 49 Plus Incubator With Humidity Pump is great at keeping a consistent temp and you don't have to worry about humidity levels with the pump.  Just keep your reservoir full.   

You are excited.  You just received eggs from that one breed you have been dying to have.  You open the box and find some broken eggs and a general mess.  THAT my friends, is on the seller IF the box is undamaged.  If the box shows damage, then USPS could have drop kicked that box across the building for all you know. You will need to file a claim with USPS or ask your breeder if they will help you with it.  If the box is undamaged and you find broken eggs, contact your breeder.  Any good breeder will make it right with you but be prepared to prove it.  There are enough bad egg buyers out there that breeders have to protect themselves. Photo the box before you open it. Once open, photo the contents before you disturb it.  Then photo the damage.  If the breeder marked the eggs, be sure the marks are in the photo.  Every experienced egg seller will know how to pack eggs to keep them safe.  There are so many different ways that people use to pack eggs and we won't get into that right now.  BUT, stuff happens. 

Be sure to handle your eggs carefully.  They have already been shaken and stirred by USPS.  Holding the eggs with the air pocket up (large end), candle each one to check the size and location of the air pocket.  (I mark mine with a pencil)  Place each one in an egg carton, air pocket up. (I keep a stack of egg cartons with the lids cut off, just for this reason.) Leave your eggs sit at room temp for 24 hours so they can rest. When you are ready to place them in your incubator, you can put them in the turner (if you have an automatic turner) or if you don't have a turner, place the whole carton with the eggs in the incubator. Do not turn your eggs for 7 days. Then you will want to candle them to make sure they are developing and that the air pocket won't move. If you have a turner, go ahead and turn that on. If not, then you can leave them in the carton and gently move them slightly to the side 2 times per day. Do not lay them completely at their side at this point, just in case the air pocket isn't attached well. 

Then at day 18 (lock down), you candle again to make sure there are chicks and not stink bombs 🤢. You can leave them in the carton to hatch or lay them on the tray to hatch. I take them out of the carton simply because I don't want an injury from trying to get out of the carton but many people keep them in successfully. 

When you purchase eggs from us, we will help you through the process as you need it. 

Brinsea has a great PDF on candling eggs.  You can find that here.  

Icelandic Chicks Hatched From Shipped Eggs


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