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Do you have that one hen or rooster that just gets under your skin and pulls right at your heartstrings? That one chicken that runs to you every time he/she sees you coming and maybe flies up to greet you? 

For me, that was Chet. Never have I become so attached to a darn chicken. 

April 2021, I purchased some Swedish Flower Hen hatching eggs from a breeder. 3 hatched.  I lost one but 2 black millies did well. One started to develope the larger comb and wattles like little cockerels do. And of course that is the one who decides to be the sweetest little bird ever. I did end up buying more chicks because I had trouble with hatching eggs. (thanks USPS)

Every day, as soon as they were big enough, Chet would fly to the edge to greet me, chattering away, telling me how the night went. Millie was friendly, but not as social as Chet. The rest just watched from afar. This went on for weeks. Chet was looking more and more like a little cockerel and one day there was some crowing. He didn't have the greatest type for his breed so I knew he wouldn't make my own breeding pen. But I loved him so he would stay forever. 

Eventually the boys needed moved to their boy barn and Chet went with them. He always kind of kept to himself and the younger ones would follow him around. Chet would come right to the shop and fall asleep in the doorway. He would bring the boys in and they would poop all over the shop and the hubby was not impressed. Wherever I was, Chet would try to follow. Even at my desk. ( Look familiar?)

Something just wasn't right with Chet. He was small, no spur buds and had hen feathers. But he freaking crows! And he would puff out his chest and push the younger boys! Finally I posed a pic in a Swedish Flower Hen group on Facebook.

I asked why I had a cockerel like this. They all said he was a she. BUT HE CROWS! And acts male. Kinda. Mostly. Then a long time breeder suggested maybe I had a hermaphrodite on my hands. 

Now I had a riddle to solve. I knew some silkie breeders DNA test to determine sex so I found a place to send feathers to. Hopefully they could tell me, was Chet a he or a she? 

About a week after I sent feathers in, I received the results in my email. That was quite the shock. Chet was actually a pullet. What the actual duck!?! So that day I moved her back with the ladies. She seemed to care less. She just wanted to follow me around. 

Just about the beginning of fall, I went to take care of the birds. Chet tried to fly up to me but couldn't get there. Upon checking her over, she had a vent prolapse. I put her back together, isolated her, and contacted the vet. They told me to keep doing what I was. She was eating and drinking so I had hope she would be ok. 

The next day when I went to take care of her, she wouldn't get up. I checked her over and her vent was still in place but she was going down. I had a call into the vet but I ended up loosing her by lunch time. I was absolutely crushed. That damn little bird who would follow me in the shop and poop all over everything died and I was sobbing like my world was falling apart. 

So, there you are. I needed to keep her close somewhere, and this was the best way I could think to do it. I loved that damn chicken. 

Chet and The HENPICKED Box






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October 10, 2022

I’m so sorry for your loss.. I know how you feel losing one of the girls or the boys has made my world come crushing down each one has that special cuddle different face rub in there feathers that trusting look deep into there eyes ..I hope you are ok and keep having lots of squishy cuddles with your other Beautiful girls and boys..Xxx

Gary Kraatz

Gary Kraatz

May 10, 2022

I loved your story about your chicken! I believe you can be friends with a chicken just as much as a horse or a dog or a cat.

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