Backyard Soap Opera

Backyard Soap Opera

Backyard Soap Opera

Do you have a backyard flock of chickens?  Ducks?  Geese?  Turkeys?  Do you enjoy sitting and just watching them do their thing.  

I currently have 2 roosters.  One very bold Black Copper Marans and one very sweet (so far) Bielefelder.  Jeffrey, the BCM can be a bit of a jerk.  Normally he stands down when I don't back down.  A few days ago he decided he wasn't going to give up and up and flogged my leg.  Then promptly scampered off.  SMH....Jeffrey.....  Rusty, on the other hand, will run right up with the hens wanting treats.  So far (key words there) I haven't had to watch myself around him.  

Now, I mentioned soap opera in the title.  That is pretty much what goes on in my back yard.  Rusty finds a girl to hook up with and as soon as Jeffrey takes notice, off he goes.  Because, you know, he is king of the world.  Or so he thinks.  What cracks me up is that as soon as Rusty ignores the girl, Jeffrey ignores Rusty.  

Then you have Marsha.  She talks.  A LOT.  Everyone else seems to ignore her but she just chatters on and on with her demands.  Peggy Sue is a close second with the chatter.  Keeps the silence at bay, that is for sure.  

Do your chickens have their own soap opera going on?

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